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How the Tool Will Work

1. Transform

Narrate your current process and the tool will translate into a process flow diagram 

Process Improvement powered by A.I. | Uncover Pearls of Wisdom in Stories!

2. Score

The tool will analyze your process flow and provide a score to show you how efficient it currently is

3. Recommend

The tool will provide recommendations for you which can help you to improve your efficiency score

The Expertise Behind Pearlo

Christine Custis, founder of Pearlo, is a Business Process Management expert and thought leader. She has spent 18 years consulting and advising businesses and organizations by helping them identify and improve business processes that impact their bottom line. For more information view Pearlo's latest news release.   


Why Pearlo?

Looking to improve your organization's efficiency?

Improved Efficiency is Achievable. 

What if you could just "Tell the Story" of the way you are currently performing a task and then have a tool that can translate your narrative into a process flow? The tool could then provide a score/rating for how well your current process is organized and a set of recommendations for how you could improve your process.
You can improve your efficiency with benefits to both the top and bottom line without wasting a lot of money and spending a lot of time.  You could grow without getting lost in the process of process improvement. 

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